Knock at my door..

Insanity knocks on my door throughout the day. Insane parents, insane sisters and illogical daughters. My parents live a lie. They destroy, belittle and rob their daughters of love and support. My sisters claw and attack one another. They use one another with no knowledge of love and kindness. My daughter is illogical and deceiving loading her body with tattoos while talking about God and religion. All of this drives me nuts. All of this makes it hard for me for me to breathe.

It’s me. All up to me. Only me. Just Dana. Just my thoughts. My feelings, my truth. I find comfort in norm interactions with the world. I find comfort in God. I find comfort in my home alone by myself. I find comfort in my own soul, within myself.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful home, with lots of stuff, with nice vacations, but I have been cursed with relationships. So I’ll hug my car, I’ll kiss my couch and encourage my fireplace to achieve what it wants to achieve.


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