Baby Elephant

Baby elephant was strong, yet wee. Baby elephant knew that her body would catch up with her will. Baby elephant wanted to thrash about in the open dirt arena like the other elephants did.

Why are they putting chains around her strong legs. Why are they screaming at her, “It will take time, but it will happen.”  Wait, why are the men winking and laughing so hard.

Stand still, eat standing, sleep standing.

Days, months… one year, two years and three years.

Baby elephant can feel her legs getting weaker. She can feel the heaviness of stillness day after day. She can feel her authentic self shrinking.

Tricks, whips, clowns, lights flashing…. whirling about. Popcorn, kids cheering, acrobats… whirling about.

Unleash. Chains come off. Now that you are prisoner within, your body is free to obey us.

In the arena now, a big elephant, she goes.

No self.

No joy… just the prison engraved in her mind.




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